Keri is a liberty-minded Republican who will fight to decrease government interference in our lives!


She’ll always vote to protect economic freedom and individual liberty.


Keri will bring her strong work ethic to the Capitol to ensure the grassroots voice is heard.

Limiting taxes

Oklahomans work hard for their money and that money should stay in their pocketbooks! I will support fiscally responsible, balanced budgets and government transparency. I’ll hold the line against tax increases, and property taxes need a fair and accurate appraisal process, not one that’s rigged to create perpetual tax increases.

The right to life

I will proudly stand for the right to life in the Oklahoma Senate. We have a duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and I will do all I can to protect the innocent lives of the unborn.

Excellence in education

I support public education and teacher retention with competitive wages in our region. I have spent many years in our local schools, and I am committed to ensuring a top notch education for Oklahoma’s children.  I’ll work for better funding along WITH reform, accountability and transparency.  We MUST invest in all our children and make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.  Our goal should be to make sure our students are college, vo-tech, career or military ready!

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must do everything possible to help our students return to in-person instruction so they don’t fall behind. I will always support a parent’s right to choose the best educational option for their child to ensure their educational success!

Fixing the School Funding Formula to Strengthen Schools

The outdated state school funding formula unfairly penalizes growing districts like Deer Creek, Edmond, Piedmont and Yukon.  We need to work on modernizing the formula and help growing districts without penalty.

Supporting local businesses

Especially in the COVID-19 economy, we must eliminate needless mandates and regulations that harm our businesses and limit economic recovery.  Lockdowns hurt the economy, and I will not support something that results in hurting hardworking Oklahomans and their pocketbooks.

Backing the energy sector

I believe in the free market, and we should limit government interference in the free enterprise system.  This is true in our oil and gas sector, where competition and innovation have brought energy independence to our country and financial rewards to states like Oklahoma.  We have also welcomed other energy sectors like wind and renewable energy which have brought companies like Amazon and Google to our great state creating additional jobs!

Improving healthcare access

I support market-based healthcare, and I’ll work to protect consumer choice.  Oklahoma must have quality options in healthcare and look into expanding telemedicine to more Oklahomans.

Stopping human trafficking

As the mother of two daughters, I will advocate against human trafficking.  Law enforcement must have all the resources needed, like dedicated investigative teams, to eliminate this terrible crime.  Oklahoma should offer training and resources for teachers to recognize and protect the children who are most at risk of exploitation.

Opposing illegal immigration

I do not support “sanctuary cities” in Oklahoma and believe immigration should be done legally.  I believe all local law enforcement should cooperate with federal immigration authorities and federal immigration laws.  I will support legislation to allow the removal from office of any public official who ignores federal immigration laws.  If we do not have secure borders, we do not have a nation.

Fighting efforts to “defund the police”

I believe in law and order and will never vote to defund the police.  This is a ridiculous narrative promoted by the far left and that has no business in Oklahoma.  We should do more than just properly fund public safety. We should also protect our emergency personnel from stalkers and criminals by shielding their home addresses and work schedules from public view.

Cut welfare

Simply put – the best social welfare program is a job, not government assistance.

Defending 2nd Amendment rights

The right to bear arms is a Constitutional freedom. I am a gun owner and a member of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A).  I will always protect our Second Amendment rights.

Ensuring fair and secure elections

Oklahoma made quite a statement in the 2020 Presidential Election.  The legislature voted to protect the mail-in voting process by requiring a copy of the voters’ identification and a signed affidavit.  We must continue to ensure that ballot harvesting and other fraudulent techniques used against our President in the 2020 Election are never used in Oklahoma.  I support strict security standards for voter rolls and voting machines for all elections in Oklahoma.